Benefits and Losses of Coffee

Benefits of Coffee - Helps lower cholesterol: Recent scientific studies have shown that coffee instead of raising cholesterol is lowered on the contrary. It is recommended by physicians for cholesterol patients. - It has the feature of pain relief: When the coffee is consumed with painkillers, the effects of painkillers increase up to 60%. -Parkinson friendly: If you consume a cup of coffee a day, the risk of Parkinson's disease for men is reduced by half. - Liver friendly: People who consume coffee less frequently and regularly, liver diseases caused by cirrhosis are known to catch less. - Running intestines: During periods of constipation, especially in the case of constipation, our intestines prevent bowel laziness and increase the chance of excretion.

-Energy gives: We benefit from all of us during the mid-term and final week periods, especially when consumed with apple or cola gives energy to the body. Losses of Coffee -Heart: When caffeine consumed in coffee is consumed more, it can cause rhythm disturbances in the heart and therefore palpitations. -Mide: Coffee, especially for patients with ulcers and reflux in case of excess consumption can increase the risk of acid production. Pregnant women: coffee is not offered to pregnant women because caffeine is damaging to the womb.



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