Body Shaping Operations

Nowadays, people are in a very intense search for a better body. In the past pregnancies, weight gain or obesity surgery in our body after the sagging and tears may occur. Among body shaping surgeries; Breast surgery (breast reduction-breast augmentation-breast enhancement), tummy tuck, liposuction, leg stretching, arm stretching, hip lift and enlargement gynecomastia (male breast size) operations can be done as required. Liposuction process is the process of pulling the fat tissues in our body with the help of special apparatus. This process is not a weight loss process. Abdominal, leg breast operations, as well as frequently applied together with the regional excesses can be applied alone in patients with very small holes in the skin process by opening the fat tissue is taken. There is no trace. The corset must be worn for 6 weeks after liposuction is performed. Abdominal stretching (abdominoplasty) is taken from the skin and excess fat in the abdomen. During this process, the abdominal wall is strengthened and the abdomen can be increased and the waist groove can be increased. If there are tears in the abdomen, the majority of these can be removed during the operation. With an operation lasting about 2 hours, the sutures are hidden in six levels. They should wear corsets for 3 weeks. In breast reduction operations, the nipple is re-planned and more tissues are removed and shaped. In breast lift surgery, the patient's breast tissues are reshaped. If adequate size and form are not provided, support can be made with silicone breast prostheses. In breast augmentation surgery, the operation is performed by using round or drop silicone prosthesis depending on the shape of the breast and patient demand.

Arm and leg stretching is usually performed in people who lose a large amount of weight. After the operation, patients should wear corsets for about 6 weeks. Male breast size (gynecomastia), especially in summer, is a discomfort that causes cosmetic distress. It is an operation that lasts about 1 hour. The corset must be worn for 3 weeks after the procedure.



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