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In order to define heart health, it will be useful to touch on what the heart diseases mean and its scope. Heart diseases in general; diseases of the heart and blood vessels. If we take this definition more locally, we can consider cardiovascular diseases; coronary heart diseases, heart failure, cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, peripheral arterial disease, rheumatic heart disease, congenital heart diseases and cardiomyopathies. Although their medical names may seem strange, these diseases, which we often encounter and are actually familiar with in daily life, will guide us on how a healthy heart structure should be. For example, coronary heart disease is the name given to the arteries that surround the heart, and this is caused by heart disorders, nutritional disorders, excessive fat feeding, and living in a sedentary life. Peripheral arterial diseases are disorders occurring in the arteries leading to all other tissues and organs other than the heart. The basis of these diseases is that they occur due to feeding (eg, cholesterol-induced) constrictions and in cases where the blood cannot get enough blood into the area they feed. Heart health can be defined as the ability of the heart and blood vessels to perform their functions in a smooth and systematic way. For this reason, nutrition and heart health should be considered as a whole, and living standards should be known, leading to dysfunction of the heart and blood vessels.

What are the risk factors that threaten heart health? Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to the measurement data have been presented, in the total number of deaths is increasingly observed that the share of heart disease. Among all causes of death, deaths related to heart diseases are first. This statistical data taking into account, as if we sıralayabilmekt substances that threaten heart health risk factors: 1.Feature Factor If we evaluate the statistics, the risk factor for heart disease is: Men 45 years and older It constitutes a serious threat for women aged 55 and over. Heart health threats age factor, however, is emerging as an important factor in women in men shows the development later, depending on gender. The development of cardiovascular diseases in women is 7 to 10 years later than in men. 2. Finding Heart Disease in the Family Heart and blood vessel diseases, which threaten the health of the heart, are especially predisposed to occur as hereditary. Prevalence of predisposition to coronary artery disease, especially among first-degree relatives, 55 years in men and 65 years in womenincreasing. 3. Use of Cigarette or Tobacco Products According to research conducted in 2012, it has been revealed that there are more than 1 billion smokers in the world. The risks associated with tobacco use are linked not only to direct smoking but also to passive smoking. In this respect, we can say that both direct smoking and passive smoking; heart attack and arteriosclerosis. 4. Inefficient Physical Activity Physical activity is key to energy balance and weight control. Inadequate physical activity is a term used less than 30 minutes of 5 times in one week or 3 times less than 20 minutes of heavy activity in one week. In all studies, it was revealed that sufficient physical activity reduces the risk of all cardiovascular diseases. The level of physical activity realized was found to be more insufficient in women and in urban settlements. Factors that threaten the health of the heart, it is possible to sort the long way to continue. However, basically, no factor constitutes a major risk ratio and nutritional factors have a significant impact on all risk factors. In this respect, it is useful to point out the positive and negative factors of nutrition on heart health based on several basic factors listed.



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