What are Sexual Diseases

What is syphilis? It was first noticed in the 5th century when it spread to Europe as an outbreak. But this epidemic was not caused by sex, but because of the same captain drinking water and the bathrooms used jointly. The disease was discovered in 1905 by the German zoologist Schaudinn. How Is Syphilis Transmitted? This germ is very time-consuming during sexual intercourse or kissing the human secretion of the internal secretions of the human body is passed. The mother's germ is transmitted to the unborn child in the syphilis that passes through the soya path. The syphilis that passes outside the sexual pathway is transmitted by the joint use of the microbes and the utensils not sufficiently cleaned. The normal transmission of the disease is the entrance to the skin. What are the symptoms of syphilis? The first symptom of the disease is a painless and hard swelling. In the beginning, even if the genitals do not cause any pain, the disease will soon settle into the body.

Syphilis Treatment The healing of the disease without treatment is not possible. Syphilis can cause severe physical and mental illness and can cause death. For this reason, the right will be to contact the nearest health institution. What is Coolness? This disease has been known since ancient times. In the urinary tract, women also settle in the uterus. The cause of the disease was discovered in 1879 by the German knowledge of Albert Neisser. How Does Frigidia Occur? Infections occur only through sexual intercourse. What are the symptoms of coldness? There's a steady flow through the male genitals. Inflammation of the internal sexual organs is seen in women. Treatment of coldness Gonorrhea can cause infertility in both sexes. Therefore, the nearest health institution should be consulted. What is Soft Shankr? Sexual diseases are the most damaging. How is Soft Shankr Transmitted? It is only caused by sexual intercourse. The microbe was discovered in 1889 by a scholar named Ducrey.



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